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Technical Experience

Self taught, we are experienced in what we refer to as "holistic repair". Most places first option is to ghost or replace the operating system. We leave all that in place and surgically remove the "cootie". We are constantly staying on top of new issues so we know the best way to effect the repairs needed.

High Return On Investment

We charge less than the leading repair outlets that do a ghosting of your computer. Hands on, one person from start to end that handles your specific problem. We only charge when a satisfactory repair is completed. We are proud of being 10 years, word of mouth,  and a spotless record of accuracy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We don't charge if the job is not done to expectation. We will follow up if needed. We will not leave you unsatisfied. Your satisfaction is how we grow our business.


Computer Repair

We are new to old service. We can help you buy your new Dell computer, transfer files and set up your profile. We can repair it when you get into things that harm it, and we can clean it up for recycling when you are done with it. 

Data Recovery

We have become very proficient in recovering data from dead computers, damaged operating systems. No data recovered, no charge!

Not for profit services

We have 30 years of experience of working with not for profits, raising money, helping boards, finding sponsors. Our experience includes military, PGA Tour, First Tee, Quakerdale, Animal Rescue and many more. 

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By Appointment


By Appointment

You can leave a message during the week and I will return it same day.

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